Non-pharmaceutical Ways

Non-pharmaceutical Ways to Maximize your Sense of Well-being

You don't have to spend a fortune at a spa or resort to feel rejuvenated!  There are things that you can do at home for very little money to feel great. In the past several years, there has been an explosion of medical evidence to support non-pharmaceutical ways to maximize your health and sense of well-being. These methods include a variety of natural, often inexpensive, safe changes or additions to your daily habits at home, including but not limited to increasing touch, dietary changes, addition of certain food supplements or vitamins, light exposure, meditation, mindfulness, spending time with a loving pet, unleashing your creative energies and exercise. Unlike most psychiatrists, I have had quite a bit of clinical experience working with patients who were not interested in medication, some of whom were experiencing significant amounts of depression and anxiety. I have seen some of these methods enhance response to treatment with pharmaceuticals for psychiatric and medical problems. The results in my own life have been astounding. While I am not a trained dietician, exercise therapist or naturopath, my knowledge base comes from reading widely in the medical and other literature, clinical experience and working alongside a naturopathic physician for 5 years at Mirasol. I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the research and evidence for these modalities and to help you incorporate some of them into your life in a way that suits your lifestyle

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